March 09, 2005

I’m not useless!

One of my changes was checked into the CVS source for one of the tools I worked on today! In other words, something I worked on was included in one of our programs so from now on every time it’s used it’ll include that change. It took nearly 2 months, but I finally have something (semi-)tangible that other people here can look at.

Sadly, it’s probably the most mindless change I was assigned to do, but at this point I’ll take what I can get.

I’m going to post pictures and stories about my trip later today. I’ve been lazy. I played with some pictures and wrote the beginning, but it’s late. I’ll finish up sometime tomorrow.

So my designated driver duties extended both later, and broader than I expected, so I’ll have to finish up tomorrow (although my roommate and I are cooking a homemade feast tomorrow which may take most of my day anyways). Did I say designated driver? More accurately, designated “keep the drunk-ass russian from driving and/or trying to beat up random people and/or Mike Cummins.” Luckily, he eventually passed out on the floor and the cat started crawling on him…

Daaaaamn Dimitry

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Collapse Comment by joanna
2005-03-11 14:25:10

bwhahaha i want a drunk russian in the middle of my floor! HOOK ME UP

Collapse Comment by MrWonton
2005-03-12 00:49:35

Yeah, I’m pretty sure you can have him… There didn’t seem to be too many takers at the time.

Collapse Comment by zensation
2005-03-11 21:27:00

is he dry humping that bean bag chair? you might need to get rid of it…

Collapse Comment by MrWonton
2005-03-12 00:52:02

As good and frightening of a concept as that is, it’s luckily off a bit. First, it’s a girl I work with’s apartment, not mine, and second, that’s his own sleeping bag (which he tried to use as an excuse to do some EXTREMELY DRUNK driving) and not a bean bag chair. If it were mine though, I think it’s a safe bet it’s next stop would be the curb.

Collapse Comment by joanna
2005-03-12 20:34:41

dude i still want him lol kinda like a rug in the middle of the floor. JUST what my house needs send him my way, fucking jew!

Collapse Comment by MrWonton
2005-03-14 09:17:04

Maybe we could have him stuffed first. Then there wouldn’t be a problem.

Collapse Comment by b-a-r-b-i
2005-03-14 12:00:18

clicks because you love me.
Ugggh still maddddddly in love with the joshy poshy who it seems talks about me a lot o casey…I have decided I will take up jesus christ if I need to, to get this kid. I know how you feel about the JC but I figure its like believing in santa for the children, we know its a lie but if it makes other people happy and gives them an excuse to buy me stuff why should I disagree?

sooo hot with his hair cut…uuuugh so hot.

praise jesus

Collapse Comment by MrWonton
2005-03-14 12:50:58

And Barbi hits a new low! No wait, scratch that, that’s faaaar from a new low, but that’s probably a good thing. I definitely think it’s lame if you have to start loving some hairy jewish carpenter you’ve never met just to get some pudgy christian lovin’ in return, but it’s all about sacrifices right? You’ll sacrifice your morality, dignity, and perhaps express ticket to hell, and in return, he’ll shower you with affection, and hopefully money. As for making people happy, that’s bs. How many crazy religious Christians are actually happy? They’re all too busy being pissed about the non-christians and the declining moral values of the world to waste precious time on being happy. Then ask some Palestinians what they think of the man who popularized the lower case ‘t’. Talk about love.

As for Santa, the fat bastard can suck it. He descriminates worse than your newest love interest. You don’t see him squeezing down jewish chimineys and dropping gifts off below the menorah. At least Josh gives you sacreligious hugs.

Anyways, talking to Casey or not, the dude wants you. Give it to him. Do it for the kidsor not.

Collapse Comment by Doug
2005-03-16 21:45:02

“As for Santa, the fat bastard can suck it. He descriminates worse than your newest love interest. You don’t see him squeezing down jewish chimineys and dropping gifts off below the menorah.”

Well if jews would stop being so proud of killing Jesus I think Santa would be a little more generous. Eh probably not.

Collapse Comment by MrWonton
2005-03-16 22:00:19

Yeah, we’re proud of killing Jesus, but we’d be prouder if we knocked Mr. Fat-Descriminating-Gift-Giver off the map. That “Ho Ho Ho”-ing douche is a model of American waste! Look at that gut! Don’t they have a gym on the North Pole? Someone should get him a goddam treadmill for Christmas.

Collapse Comment by MrWonton
2008-06-10 15:52:58

This picture is the #1 hit on for “drunk ass” among other things… awesome!

Collapse Comment by Laura
2012-08-11 20:15:13

it went to “no-reply” blogger, so here it is! :)Thanks for your sweet comemnt! I’m now following your blog as well!My dearest and closest friend has a daughter with autism, so I have at least a small glimpse and understanding of the blend of challenge and blessings such a diagnosis brings to a family. I most certainly admire your efforts to raise awareness!Happy to “meet” you!

Collapse Comment by anjbfvbq
2012-08-12 06:33:54

FwSBRR uhfayxarrban

Collapse Comment by dowfhjytjk
2012-08-13 16:25:50

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