February 11, 2005

Hell yeah this is Julio

Ring ring ring (Ann Arbor area code on the Caller ID)…
Hello?” (In an extremely muffled, extremely Indian voice)
“Does this sound like Julio?”
“Yeah thats cuz its not.”

“You’ve got the wrong number.”
Goodbye.” (Thank you come again)

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Collapse Comment by joanna
2005-02-11 16:12:06

thats fucking sweet julio!

Collapse Comment by MrWonton
2005-02-12 22:21:11

I already know a guy named Julio, there can be only one! It was crazy though, part of what pissed me off was that the dude called me at work, but even worse, Apu (or whoever it was) tried once and I ignored it assuming he’d leave a message if it was important. No message, but he must have heard my voice mail (which I’m pretty sure doesn’t say anything about Julio). Then he tries again 5 minutes later so I deign to pick it up, so I was already pissed.

Collapse Comment by B-a-r-b-i
2005-02-14 13:00:31

So I click and I click and I click and then I remember that I make what 10 cents a click? so I will have to click 6000 times a month to pay off my cable bill…uggg im dying here dude. But you on the other hand you are thriving. I hate you <3

Collapse Comment by MrWonton
2005-02-14 15:34:46

Ugh! You make more than 10 cents a click! I swear everyone hates the little success I can pull off. Of course the truth is you’re dying there, and that blows. I’d hate me too. Take comfort knowing I’m thriving in a boring town faaaar away from my friends and their parties… Not that you’d know anything about that.

Collapse Comment by Jailene
2011-09-22 15:03:12

This information is off the hzooil!

Collapse Comment by Justis
2011-09-24 21:55:22

I thgouht I’d have to read a book for a discovery like this!

Collapse Comment by cxxgdpzqmu
2011-09-25 08:08:40

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Collapse Comment by cqykqs
2011-09-28 11:12:24

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