December 25, 2004

Happy Holidays

We'll get you next time
You win this round, Barrett and Joe, but you’ll get yours.

School is over. Ann Arbor won’t be my home again for over 8 months. While my friends are going back to class with their new schedules, I’ll be packing once again to start the first well paid chapter of my life. I wouldn’t be terribly envious if I were you.

I’ve seen almost everyone from this town worth seeing, which has kept this ludicrously boring town from getting to me. Last and certainly most long overdue is Joanna, who’s flying home today, on Christmas Day, at least partly to see me, an honor I’m far from deserving. Now to see if our livers will survive the impending days…

A Merry Christmas, a Happy Channukah, a Convivial Kwanza, a Quiet and Reserved Ramadan, and an Ambrosial Annual Winter Solstice-Inspired Non-Denominational Gift-Giving Holiday.

11 or so days of Michigan.

Random pictures attached.

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December 14, 2004

Payoff, however meager

There are times when I seriously wonder if I picked the right major. Besides a few notable exceptions, most EECS people piss me off. Programming is fun and all, but after solving a particular problem in some amazing, insightful way, no one will understand or care. Its the epitome of thankless jobs in that respect. You can never tell non-CSers your accomplishments in any meaningful way. Of course, it does have its advantages, which became blatently apparant today… Mundane details linked below.

I went to the Campus Band concert on Sunday. I got hit with a violent wave of nostalgia for my band days, but I’m still glad they’re over. The band was great. Good job Katie.

School is hell. I’ve crammed so much time and work into the last week its insane, thanks largely to a certain EECS group partner who was miles away from pulling his own weight. The sad thing is how far I am from being done. I’ve still got math assignments, part of a program, 2 EECS exams on Thursday (beginning at 8 am on North Campus, god help me), and the real killer, 4 hours of math exams starting at 8 am on Monday. It really makes it blatently clear why I’m so ready to be out of here and at my new job.

If you’re looking for some new music, check out this site. They keep charts of indie bands, and you can download almost all of the top songs for free right from the site. Some of the music is damn good. Here are a few I’ve liked, in no particular order.

Here’s hoping my 2 weeks at home aren’t a complete disaster.

Testicleez! Another fine creation by the eminent Brandy Rumiez.
Brandy made this awesome picture after a conversation we had. Damn thats cool.

Warning, a healthy amount of boring mildly-technical crap follows. (more…)

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December 08, 2004

Placeholder - Updated

Long story short, we've got a christmas tree.

Saturday night was a very exciting night. Over its course, my friends and I managed to climb through a window of a house we’d never been to, chill at a party with a Jamaican reggae band, tons of pot, and people freebasing over a stove, break a chain fence, procure and subsequently drop and break a sweet Kwanza goblet, stack several hundred student directories in front of someone’s door, get a Gauss bust from a blind kid, and end up with a Christmas tree. There are a few other things intentionally left out. Feel free to ask.

After that night, my life has been hell. I’ve been up excessively late working on something or another every night. Also something to look forward to: barring some sort of miracle, my very last taste of this semester is going to be no less than 4 straight hours of math exams, starting at 8 in the morning. Yeah, thats right, back to back Differential Equations and Probabilities (not easy probabilities either, oh no, 400 level multi-dimensional integral probabilities). Thank you U-M Math department! Arrrg this semester needs to end.

Friday my last group project is due, and afterwards I’m going to chill with Doug and a fat cuban cigar my dad was kind enough to send me. Thank god for small escapes.

I find this site’s presence here amusing.

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December 04, 2004

The End is Near

Its hard to believe how much I have to do, and just how little time I have to do it. There is only one more weekend before exams, only a week and 2 days of actual class left (21 hours), and so many outstanding projects I can’t keep track of them. But of course thats not enough. I’ve done no holiday shopping, and won’t have time to until I’m done with class, which isn’t till the 20th. Aside from two math finals scheduled at the same time on that day, I also have to move completely out of my apartment and back home, where I’ll live for about 2 weeks before attempting to pack my life into my 2 door 13 year old Cavalier to drive to a state I’ve never been to, to live in an apartment I’ve never seen, with a person I’ve never met, at a job I know next to nothing about. Luckily I don’t think about these things very often.

What I do think about is that I’ve pretty much only got 2 weeks with my friends from school, and 2 weeks with my friends from home, before I leave for 8 months, and thats sad. I’ve got to come up with an appropriate send off that I can think back to when I’m overworking myself for tons of money and no one around to enjoy it with. I’ll expect visits.

Left of my 5th semester: 15 lectures, 4 discussions, 21 hours of class, 2 math assignments, 2 large programming projects, 1 big user manual, and 4 horrible exams on 2 days.

I’ve made a few changes to the site. Theres a new comment system, and spiffy popups on some of the links. There was absolutely no good reason for any of this, but that sort of thing doesn’t usually doesn’t top me.

Finally, I’d like to thank anyone who’s been nice enough to click on the ads, its remarkable good money. Keep it up. I can’t actually tell you to do that. Gotta stay on the up and up.

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