November 09, 2004

I know better than to think I’ve won

I’ve received nothing but positive feedback on my latest political rant. I appreciate the support, but I’m unsettled by lack of dissension. Bring it on.

This weekend I had no less than two amazingly good free dinners at the hands of friend’s parents. Conclusion? I still need more friends, as I still buy way too much dinner.

Tonight, I had the honor of taking a bus to North Campus, and sitting with two other classmates, face to face with our professor, for about an hour, as she tore our last assignment to shreds. Somehow I got stuck with the majority of the eye contact as she enumerated our failures. Then it was time to head back to Central for a 3 and a half hour stint in the library to finish and debug some code for a group programming project, leaving just enough time to come home, bake my last Tony’s frozen pizza, and indulge in some brain-numbing television before attempting to sleep, which I’m obviously failing to do.

On the bright(?) side, I finished the 7th and final Dark Tower book today… what a trip. Untold thousands of pages of amazing story have finally came to an end, and in the words of my friend, its sad to see it go. Finishing the Dark Tower series was something I’d first imagined back in my Sophemore or Junior year of High School, when the final books were still unfinished. Its hard to imagine not having more of it to read.

I need ideas for a drawing, to be done by who is likely the most prodigious artist I will ever know. Any ideas?

I enjoy the relative safety of cryptic riddles. I seem to find the inherent risk of a tragic and revealing domino effect that will happen if anyone ever begins to figure the pieces out invigorating.

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Collapse Comment by Brandy the goddess of all that is molded out of playdough and love
2004-11-10 23:40:56

Why don’t you link my gallery to your site? That would rock…Oh yeah you rock to my friend!

Collapse Comment by MrWonton
2004-11-11 00:42:25

Consider it done, and it is. I also added it to the menu on the right.
I’m a rocker, I rock out.

Collapse Comment by Theresa
2011-09-21 19:19:26

Thank you so much for this arctile, it saved me time!

Collapse Comment by muhfttln
2011-09-22 10:40:48

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Collapse Comment by ijhjbhx
2011-09-25 11:45:19

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Collapse Comment by Mark
2012-10-27 00:15:38

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Collapse Comment by ezjcdln
2012-10-27 22:10:06

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