October 13, 2004

It can’t come soon enough

Fall break is a mere 2 days away, and if it weren’t, my sanity would pack its bag and leave. Tomorrow I have my third exam in a week. I’ve got two massive projects hanging over my head, and homework-a-go-go. Worst though is that I’ve been put into a group with a human being who’s pugnacious ability to extirpate my tolerances knows no bounds. I’m also quite sure my chair is going to explode.

Continuing last year’s tradition, my roommate and a few others are traveling up to his cabin on Beaver Island for the break. For those not familiar, Beaver Island is the largest island in an archipelligo off the northwestern coast of the lower penninsula of Michigan. With only a handfull of permenant residents, only a small tourism industry, miles of dense forest and overgrown roads, and vast expanses of beaches, Beaver Island may perhaps be the ultimate in “get away from it all,” which is exactly what I want to do. I need to forget as much about who and where I am in those 4 days as is mentally possible. I’ll have no time for such luxeries when I return.

There have only been a few attempts made at the pseudo-contest that accompanied my last post, but one was so close it hurts. I’m a bit worried as to the results if the prodigious guesser gets it correct, but its a chance I took. To whoever suceeds: take my writing with a grain of salt, I’ve been known to get carried away.

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Collapse Comment by barbi
2004-10-15 18:09:20


Collapse Comment by MrWonton
2004-10-19 17:06:16

Thank god for that.

Collapse Comment by Morrie
2011-09-22 16:02:48

Now that’s sultbe! Great to hear from you.

Collapse Comment by klwibbdzqd
2011-09-23 00:58:09

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Collapse Comment by wozfgznjczp
2011-09-28 08:50:30

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2012-10-25 06:00:39

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2012-10-25 17:00:41

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Collapse Comment by rclcyuetcxm
2012-10-26 19:05:41

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Collapse Comment by Dimitris
2015-01-20 04:31:54

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