October 06, 2004

Few things are as disconcerting as holding an uncomfortably warm plastic cup of your own urine

Twice a year a slew of companies pile into a few claustrophobic passages in several buildings on North Campus. They peddle themselves to desperate engineers and math majors with talk of exotic internships in far away lands. Of jobs after school, of salaries, of feet in the door, and of bulletproof resumes. They also give away some swag, some of which you can see above, around my pet Bamboo plant. The John Deere hat I actually got in a swarm, when no one was looking and there was a mob swarming around the unattended hats.

I went to the job fair. I handed out resumes like hungry or transitionally-sober homeless people handing out flyers to get what they need so cope. I gave one to Apple, I gave one to Intel, AMD took two, Microsoft, Mike Rowe Soft, ad seemingly infinitum. Of course, had I known then what I know now, I wouldn’t have bothered, except maybe for the AMD can cooler and the stolen John Deere hat. I have officially been offered a job at Intel in Hudson, Massachusetts, for approximately 8 months beginning January 10th. Its been somewhat of a life changing experience. I figured I would be able to find an internship with my resume. I’ve had a lot of experience for someone my age. I’ve been very lucky in that regard. I hadn’t expected anything like whats happened.

Intel is giving me the chance of a lifetime. They’re paying me to move to Massachusetts, they’re paying me a lot of money to work there, and they’re essentially guaranteeing I will be able to find employment for the rest of my life. All this because I bothered to send my resume to them in response to an e-mail everyone in my department got. How to celebrate? Well today I rode my motorcycle down to Ypsilanti and pissed in a cup. Nothing says uncomfortable like pouring your own warm urine from a cup into a tiny test tube, trying not to spill, all in front of some girl you’ve never seen before who’s making sure you don’t try to pull anything funny.

Beyond the excitement there, my life has been nonstop work. I go to class, I eat, I sleep, I talk to people on occasion, and I work. I’ve been working on some programming project pretty much every day for the last month. The last one only took as long as it did because their spec was flawed about the timing of output of a log file, which resulted in untold frustration when everything worked for me, but not for the autograder. But thats over now. Now I’ve got a ton of math to do before I can get some much needed sleep. Ahh, sleep… Thats been a nightmare (no stupid pun intended) of its own. Ever since I got my job I’ve been afflicted with a horrible case of insomnia which I can’t seem to fix. Not only do I get to bed later, but its taking a horribly long time for me to actually get to sleep. Why must the good things in life be so offset by the bad?

Anyhow, Its time for me to get back to work. I’ve included wedding pictures in the extended section of this post.

Postscript: I apologize to everyone who’s heard me go on and on and on about this, as I know I’ve been doing just that. I’ve been doing the same thing in my head. I think about it all the time.

The Wedding!
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Where the magic is going to happen

And you all thought I couldn’t do it

Start them early

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2011-09-22 13:26:31

I wteand to spend a minute to thank you for this.

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