September 09, 2004

You had me at plethora

Sorry for the lack of updates. Its been a pretty busy time here in Ann Arbor.

I got my partying out of the way during welcome week, doing something interesting every night for 6 days straight.

My classes by and large are going to suck. Not because the material isn’t interesting, but because I’m quite sure I’m going to spend the next 3 months of my life severely inundated with work. I’ve got programming projects coming at me from all angles. I’ve got heaps of homework for both math classes, writing projects from my technical writing class, and a job! And yesterday morning I received an email from an engineer at Intel expressing interest in me for another co-op… !? The catch this time? Its many many many orders of magnitude cooler and better suited to me than the previous.

Instead of a job with the possibility for development, but mostly a position that entailed checking and writing documentation for some test servers, this position is in debugging the latest iteration of the Itanium processor! At the risk of sounding like I’m getting my hopes up about a position that I probably won’t get, and being vulgar at the same time, its practically a geek’s wet dream. Not only is this debugging a processor for Intel, but its the Itanium, which despite its relatively poor sales, is an amazing processor, for which I can speak first hand, having developed all my software over the summer on one. But perhaps the best part, is that the word ‘plethora’ was in the job description, as was ‘pesky’. Yeah, I’ll fit right in.

I’ve got an interview Monday. Let the freaking out begin.

So yes, the saga continues.

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Collapse Comment by Jetsin
2011-09-22 12:55:54

Wow, this is in every respect what I neeedd to know.

Collapse Comment by pjtpgksj
2011-09-23 00:30:58

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Collapse Comment by otaeixynei
2011-09-28 08:07:09

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