September 29, 2004



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September 23, 2004

No more hot air balloons please.

On Monday I got a call from a girl I went to High School with. I have had very little contact with her since High School, so I certainly wasn’t expecting the call. She had a very unique proposition that I would have had trouble turning down. Long story short: I’m ministering a wedding in Sterling Heights on October 2nd.

Now far be it from me to judge, but I found it rather shocking that I received only a week and a half of notice before the wedding. Could they have found someone else in that time if I was unavailable? I doubt it. Anyhow, I’ve been an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church for a long time now, and I’d waxed philosophical about the powers vested in me as a minister, but I didn’t expect to be exercising those powers anytime in the near future. I’m honored to be a part of it all though.

Wednesday I met with the bride and groom to be. All things considered, it was a horrible day, but only because I had copious amounts of homework to do that day, and the meeting by no means expedited that; I ended up working on Calculus late into the night. I did get a delicious free meal out of it at the Mongolian BBQ, so I can’t really complain.

During my dinner, I received a phone call, which due to the nature of the dinner, I ignored and promptly forgot about. I only noticed the voice mail message on my phone at about 1:30 in the morning that night. The caller: yet another Intel engineer. The saga continues to continue.

I contacted the caller, who’s name I couldn’t manage to catch, as he had a relatively heavy accent, and today, in the same day, I had my 3rd interview for a co-op with Intel. Mind you I’ve yet to hear back about the 2nd, although that interview left me feeling skeptical about the likeliness of myself getting the position. Regardless, this interview left me with many fewer qualms, as this time was nothing like the previous.

Its really been fascinating to see the varying methods employeed by the different people who’ve interviewed me. My first interview was with two people, one from technical marketing (a former software engineer), and the other an engineer. The interview went pretty much as one would expect. I had the majority of the questions ahead of time, on top of which they added a critical thinking question as well as a few technical questions when the engineer arrived (as he was not present for the first half of the interview). The engineer also happened to be a U-M alumni, and our conversation ended with discussions on football. Everything seemed to have gone pretty well, but of course, I didn’t get the position.

The second interview was with an engineer only. He asked relatively specific, highly-technical questions, a few of which I couldn’t answer, dealing with complex digital logic and pipelining, as well as assembly language, which I’ve thus far had little experience with. The questions he asked about high level languages I tore through.

Finally, in my most recent expidition through the corporate hiring process, things were far different. Again I spoke to an engineer, but instead of specific questions, he kept things broad, asking open-ended questions about classes and jobs I’ve had in the past, and spending almost as much time listening to me as explaining, in some relatively technical details, what the job would entail. While I’m not sure I got it across, the actual details of this job meshed nearly perfectly with my past experience, involving writing programatic test cases in C, programs to automate the running of the test cases, as well as perl scripts to parse and beautify technical testing logs. Cool stuff. Also, in an interesting coincidence, our conversation again ended with talk of football, although I don’t think the guy was an Alum.

As of approximately 7:45 this evening, I’ve interviewed for positions in Washington, Massachusetts, and now California. That alone is a lot for a student from a small Michigan town to swallow.

Because today wouldn’t have been interesting enough otherwise, I also had the honor of being evacuated from a gas-filled laboratory today. GG Brown Labs, where my last class of the day is held, apparantly suffered from a gas leak. There were cops with large plastic helmets wandering the halls evacuating everyone. So much for class.

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September 20, 2004

Fire and Workload

There used to be a large dumpster next to my apartment. There was also a ton of garbage that didn’t fit in it piled next to it. Last week, the garbage next to it caught fire and caused the above. The picture was actually taken after the fire had died down quite substantially.

So its been a busy few weeks. I’ve settled into my apartment. I’ve spent entirely too much on books. I’ve had a second interview with Intel (and will probably hear the result this week. I’m not overly optimistic). I’ve discovered that this semester is going to be very painful. I finished reading The Man Who Fell to Earth (good, but certainly not on my list of required reading) and From a Buick 8 (fun like all most of Stephen King’s work, but also like much of his work, it lacks a feeling of closure or real understanding). I’ve partied to much, and worked too little. I’ve yelled spanish nonsense at random people from a car. I’ve played miniature golf. I’ve cooked. I’ve played miniature golf. I’ve discovered that the most interesting and most attractive girl in the Computer Science program is no longer in the field, and hence my classes. I’ve gone to Canada. I’ve spent a lot of money. I’ve met a lot of people. I’ve forgotten a lot of names.

Yes, its been a busy few weeks. Here’s to a few more.

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September 11, 2004

Take this Bin Laden

On this anniversary of disaster, we show that the terrorists haven’t won. How? BBQ.

Yep, time to invite the friends over, grab a beer, and grill some cow.

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September 09, 2004

You had me at plethora

Sorry for the lack of updates. Its been a pretty busy time here in Ann Arbor.

I got my partying out of the way during welcome week, doing something interesting every night for 6 days straight.

My classes by and large are going to suck. Not because the material isn’t interesting, but because I’m quite sure I’m going to spend the next 3 months of my life severely inundated with work. I’ve got programming projects coming at me from all angles. I’ve got heaps of homework for both math classes, writing projects from my technical writing class, and a job! And yesterday morning I received an email from an engineer at Intel expressing interest in me for another co-op… !? The catch this time? Its many many many orders of magnitude cooler and better suited to me than the previous.

Instead of a job with the possibility for development, but mostly a position that entailed checking and writing documentation for some test servers, this position is in debugging the latest iteration of the Itanium processor! At the risk of sounding like I’m getting my hopes up about a position that I probably won’t get, and being vulgar at the same time, its practically a geek’s wet dream. Not only is this debugging a processor for Intel, but its the Itanium, which despite its relatively poor sales, is an amazing processor, for which I can speak first hand, having developed all my software over the summer on one. But perhaps the best part, is that the word ‘plethora’ was in the job description, as was ‘pesky’. Yeah, I’ll fit right in.

I’ve got an interview Monday. Let the freaking out begin.

So yes, the saga continues.

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September 04, 2004


Sorry about the lack of updates. I’m still getting situated here in Ann Arbor, and I won’t have a desk until tomorrow, and an internet connection until Tuesday.

I didn’t get the position with Intel, but its actually probably good news. Some details. Apparantly a Senior applied for the position, which I found strange as the listed requirements plainly stated that sophemore or junior standing was required. Anyways, the woman at Intel said he got the position as he had more experience, but she was very nice about it, saying many comforting things, the best of which was that she was going to do a few things to make it easier for me to get an internship with Intel at a later date. Honestly that would be better for me. The timing on this position was all wrong, and would have had a nearly equal list of malignant consequences as benign. So all is still well. Life goes on.

There has been a lot going on lately, but I’m afraid I have little time for details at the moment. More to come.

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