July 30, 2004

Cheney to Constitution: Go Fuck Yourself

Its been awhile, so its time to appease the quidnuncs.

Work is beginning to wind down as the end approaches. The project I’ve been working on is far from complete, despite having the majority of my summer invested in it. The very first script I wrote, however, is yet to truly be tested. It runs, but theres no way of knowing if everything is going to work properly together till the major programs referenced by my script are tested with it, to make sure they play nice. It would have been nice to test that in the beginning, but theres always other things around for the other programmers to do, whereas I have a single purpose. Hopefully there will be few problems…

I watched the Democratic National Convention last night for the first time. Kerry put on a good show, all things considered. The pundits praised his lack of Bush bashing rhetoric in his speech, but as one who considers how Evil Bush is to be one of the key features of Kerry’s campaign, I missed it. I guess I’ll be happy with this quote: “I will appoint an attorney general who actually upholds the Constitution of the United States.” Seems like a novel concept doesn’t it?

Happy Sys. Admin Apreciation Day. My job has given me a lot of respect for those with the patience and skills necessary in that field.

I’ve been on a huge Modest Mouse binge. The Moon & Antarctica is one of my favorite albums of all time, but most of their older stuff is great to begin with.

I finished reading the 6th Dark Tower book, Song of Susannah. Its really become a fascinating story. I’m really impressed by how King has brought everything together, including himself, his life, and all his stories, under one expansive story. Few other books have been so fulfilling to me. I also finally finished Burning Chrome. I’ve started in on some assorted Science Fiction I’ve collected, beginning with The Man in the High Castle (a Hugo award winner), by Philip K. Dick, who made Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, the story Blade Runner was based off of, and whose stories I’ve never before read. I’ve got high expectations.

R.I.P. Francis Crick.

I’ve found out I can now go to Target for all my Kabbalah needs. What great news.

Its good to know Bush may have graduated from Yale, but he would have been kicked out of U-Michigan for plagiarising (at least his speech writer would be).

Oh yeah, and I almost forgot, happy 20th to me.

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