July 20, 2004

Cedar Point!

Ahh, after a long day of working from home (comcast finally got their shit together, or so it seems), I received a not un-characteristic 12 hour notice invitation to go to Cedar Point. The catch: I have to be ready to go by 6. After beating my heart to start up again, I decided to go. Thank god I have a flexible job.

Madonna freaks me out. First, she went to University of Michigan, although she quit after like 2 years. Now, she wants to sing in Yiddish? Kabbalah? What? What is wrong with this woman? I guess her Sex Book wasn’t out there enough.

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Collapse Comment by Johnmark
2012-02-12 08:00:02

I rellay liked the Vault co-working space… Hopefully we can get a sponsorship from them! Also, great presentation Nathan. It was super informative.

Collapse Comment by bszboe
2012-02-13 02:50:43

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Collapse Comment by jwpuzyepn
2012-02-14 12:46:36

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