July 19, 2004

Comcast Engineers are Girly-Men

Its been 4 days since my problems with Comcast began, and two calls to customer support later, I’ve receieved no word that any progress is being made whatsoever. I am not pleased. As a paying customer it seems like I could at least get some word as to whats happening. I know the problem is not at my end, as its effecting everyone I know in my area with the service.

Apparantly theres a craze to bitch about foul-mouthed republicans lately. Instead of going off on a torrent about how Republicans are hate-filled foul-mouthed immature people, I feel it necessary to question the Media on this. Saturday, Schwarzenegger called democratic politicians who pander to special interests “girlie men,” referencing that old SNL sketch with Hanz and Franz the body builders. Apparantly that statement is offensive and “blatently homophobic.” Sure, I went along with the Cheney “Go fuck yourself” statement being in bad taste, but this is a joke. This is the governator making a joke about his own muscle-bloated body. Its funny. Laugh.

Are the Earnhardts the next Kennedys?

I find it interesting that more than one TV network claims to have come up with the idea of a wife swapping reality show. If that sort of thing went through my mind, I’d do whatever I could to deny it, and apologize if it ever became public. I guess I’d make a bad network executive.

The phrase “War is Hell” doesn’t fully capture the truth. Perhaps its more like Sociopath training school.

Oh well, time to relax, new Homestar.

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Collapse Comment by ohreally
2004-07-29 03:11:02

I’ve got to agree with you on this. “Girlie men” was obviously a joke, albeit a pointed one that suggested that those who were holding up the budget lacked the back bone to sit down and hammer out a compromise.

Cheney’s comment, on the other hand, really bothered me.

Collapse Comment by Rakesh
2012-06-01 21:54:39

Clear, informative, smplie. Could I send you some e-hugs?

Collapse Comment by iblkfj
2012-06-02 13:04:32

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Collapse Comment by pthdjrpdq
2012-06-03 22:12:24

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