July 15, 2004

Colors are overrated

I want color TVs like Zimbabwe has color TVs.

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Collapse Comment by Inirr
2012-02-12 07:49:22

Pretty good post. I just sblmtued upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Any way I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon.

Collapse Comment by nitrnf
2012-02-14 12:15:15

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Collapse Comment by Ijad
2013-09-11 10:08:52

One or two to reemrbem, that is.

2013-09-16 04:31:51

, a local-minded consumer to go the extra step to make sure the local stores don’t lose business. But, in the end, I got more than a print ad would offer, for less than it would cost me. This is a far cry from the way it was done 20 years ago.I know this is well into tl;dr territory, but I’m on a roll and I don’t have to work today, so…The journalistic side of it: I can still read all the news I want, for free. And our standards are mch lower than they used to be – basically any idiot can have his or her own soapbox (like me, right now). I can affect and influence someone in, say, Tempe, AZ, without a degree in journalism. And they usually don’t care.Now, I know that you have to take that with a grain of salt, but you can’t deny that you’re competing with joe blow (er… six pack?) for the same beat. I often get more news from reading people’s comments about news than the news itself, because a person’s perception about the news is almost as important as the news itself (if a tree falls in the forest…). Add cartoons, video, humor, and hilarious internet memes – again all on demand, and there’s really no reason to go back to print. The problem for the rags, as I see it, is that bloggers, Twitter, and a person’s Facebook status talking about the fire down the street are giving away the story for free. Then the guy commenting on the blog who has personal knowledge, or maybe some expertise, gives creedence to the story, again for free. Access is the legitimate journalist’s only recourse, but when it’s a global media, it’s easy for anyone to get scooped by the lowest bidder – and there are plenty of them out there.

Collapse Comment by car insurance rates
2013-09-17 00:16:31

Sure, and I’ve written about the non-optional “sacrifices” dogs have made for us .But the article did state that a particular deformity was four times more common in Japan than in the US, and it also offered various comments on the specifically Japanese culture that encourages unscrupulous dealers “who see dogs as nothing more than an industrial product to make quick money” as the article put it.I also meant that we should take this as a warning of what can go wrong when people have the ability - as well as the inclination - to implement “eugenics” - even if the results are hardly “eu”.

2013-09-20 05:07:45

You guys are all so fucking great — thanks for all the comments & the like. Let me see if I can run through a few of em real quick while I have a sec:In reverse order (as the DJs on KJHK used to always say)Anonymous: Max is right, that song was off the “Spooky Halloween” album (a record that was actually based on an earlier LP called “Halloween Songs to Tickle Your Funny Bone” that had a slightly different track lineup & some altered edits) & you can check it out on my other site (it’s almost at the very bottom). I was actually planning on posting both albums next week, so if you wanna sit tight you can hear it again plenty soon. Phillips: That Harold’s Bar Pedro show was REALLY fun! I always love Killer Dreamer, and Jacob & I were actually quoting some lines from after the show! Plus Kid Kevin & I usually talk “Return of the Living Dead” zombie crap! The two worlds collide! Anyway, I’m the dude who DOESN’T play any guitar solos, and probably jumps around too much.Ben (you rotten xenophobe you), that organization stuff was an all-consuming thing that bit me a few years back & it’s TOTALLY paid off. I even put my giant flyer collection (dating back to around 1982) in COMPLETE, OBSESSIVE, CHRONOLOGICAL order — now I can tell you EXACTLY who played at the Foolkiller Hall in Kansas City, MO on Sat June 23th of 1984 (it was the Freeze from Boston). SPEAKING of those flyers, I plan on scanning ‘em all in for a website someday actually, but I have like 1,200 or something so it’ll take a lot of time to do it right. You know, maybe the organization was actually 100% stupid since all it REALLY did was make my brian come up with MORE STUPID SHIT to do with any imaginary “spare time”, but I fully recommend it all the same. Do it.Other Anonymous poster: yeah, the cat you see is still as live as can be, and a totally cool chick at 17 years old. She sits on that monitor half the damn day (it’s why I can’t trade the CRT in for a second LCD actually; she needs a platform to hang out on), and is watching me type this.Paul: I’ve been doing the same thing w/ Night Gallery/ Night Stalker episodes lately. Man, I knew he was good, but I’d honestly forgotten HOW good Kolchak was as a character (and how spotty some Night Gallery episodes were. The NG intro still creeps me out though; that was often the prelude to nightmares for me as a kid. That & that damn commercial for the movie “Magic” that had the dummy reciting the rhyme).Dave: those things to the left are actually not my record, but magazines & other paper ephemera (it’s my graphic design morgue). I have a lot of albums, but not quite that much space anymore — physically they’re further along down the side. Projects like this (getting as much of this weird cool shit back into some kind of circulation so I don’t have to be so precious about it all) is all part of my goal to trim my “stuff” down actually. All the hard drives next to that G5 are getting loaded up with digital versions of the shit I’ve been carting around forever so that I can better convince myself to get rid of things here & there. We’ll see if it works. Everyone else: thanks again for all the kind words. I’m looking fwd to coming back with a bunch of stuff soon!

Collapse Comment by Angela
2013-10-18 00:01:15

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2013-10-26 21:30:59

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2013-11-04 23:39:19

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