July 30, 2004

Cheney to Constitution: Go Fuck Yourself

Its been awhile, so its time to appease the quidnuncs.

Work is beginning to wind down as the end approaches. The project I’ve been working on is far from complete, despite having the majority of my summer invested in it. The very first script I wrote, however, is yet to truly be tested. It runs, but theres no way of knowing if everything is going to work properly together till the major programs referenced by my script are tested with it, to make sure they play nice. It would have been nice to test that in the beginning, but theres always other things around for the other programmers to do, whereas I have a single purpose. Hopefully there will be few problems…

I watched the Democratic National Convention last night for the first time. Kerry put on a good show, all things considered. The pundits praised his lack of Bush bashing rhetoric in his speech, but as one who considers how Evil Bush is to be one of the key features of Kerry’s campaign, I missed it. I guess I’ll be happy with this quote: “I will appoint an attorney general who actually upholds the Constitution of the United States.” Seems like a novel concept doesn’t it?

Happy Sys. Admin Apreciation Day. My job has given me a lot of respect for those with the patience and skills necessary in that field.

I’ve been on a huge Modest Mouse binge. The Moon & Antarctica is one of my favorite albums of all time, but most of their older stuff is great to begin with.

I finished reading the 6th Dark Tower book, Song of Susannah. Its really become a fascinating story. I’m really impressed by how King has brought everything together, including himself, his life, and all his stories, under one expansive story. Few other books have been so fulfilling to me. I also finally finished Burning Chrome. I’ve started in on some assorted Science Fiction I’ve collected, beginning with The Man in the High Castle (a Hugo award winner), by Philip K. Dick, who made Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, the story Blade Runner was based off of, and whose stories I’ve never before read. I’ve got high expectations.

R.I.P. Francis Crick.

I’ve found out I can now go to Target for all my Kabbalah needs. What great news.

Its good to know Bush may have graduated from Yale, but he would have been kicked out of U-Michigan for plagiarising (at least his speech writer would be).

Oh yeah, and I almost forgot, happy 20th to me.

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July 20, 2004

Cedar Point!

Ahh, after a long day of working from home (comcast finally got their shit together, or so it seems), I received a not un-characteristic 12 hour notice invitation to go to Cedar Point. The catch: I have to be ready to go by 6. After beating my heart to start up again, I decided to go. Thank god I have a flexible job.

Madonna freaks me out. First, she went to University of Michigan, although she quit after like 2 years. Now, she wants to sing in Yiddish? Kabbalah? What? What is wrong with this woman? I guess her Sex Book wasn’t out there enough.

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July 19, 2004

Comcast Engineers are Girly-Men

Its been 4 days since my problems with Comcast began, and two calls to customer support later, I’ve receieved no word that any progress is being made whatsoever. I am not pleased. As a paying customer it seems like I could at least get some word as to whats happening. I know the problem is not at my end, as its effecting everyone I know in my area with the service.

Apparantly theres a craze to bitch about foul-mouthed republicans lately. Instead of going off on a torrent about how Republicans are hate-filled foul-mouthed immature people, I feel it necessary to question the Media on this. Saturday, Schwarzenegger called democratic politicians who pander to special interests “girlie men,” referencing that old SNL sketch with Hanz and Franz the body builders. Apparantly that statement is offensive and “blatently homophobic.” Sure, I went along with the Cheney “Go fuck yourself” statement being in bad taste, but this is a joke. This is the governator making a joke about his own muscle-bloated body. Its funny. Laugh.

Are the Earnhardts the next Kennedys?

I find it interesting that more than one TV network claims to have come up with the idea of a wife swapping reality show. If that sort of thing went through my mind, I’d do whatever I could to deny it, and apologize if it ever became public. I guess I’d make a bad network executive.

The phrase “War is Hell” doesn’t fully capture the truth. Perhaps its more like Sociopath training school.

Oh well, time to relax, new Homestar.

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July 15, 2004

Colors are overrated

I want color TVs like Zimbabwe has color TVs.

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Playing catch up

Comcast sucks. Yesterday I worked from home… at least I tried to. My cable internet connection was almost completely useless. I was receiving packet loss spikes near 100%. The majority of DNS requests failed, I couldn’t stay connected to the FTP server at work, and telnet? God forbid! Every attempt down that road would crash before I had time to enter my username and password. Ridiculous. Thanks Comcast.

Today the packet loss is down, but not gone. At least I can do well enough to post this.

As an early birthday present I got a digital camera, and man is it a beauty. Eventually I’ll get around to getting some photos up.

Drugs + Subway = good. My friend and I have a tradition of eating at the local subway, and last Saturday we did just that, and as far as I could tell, the employees there were on drugs. It took over 5 minutes to get the girl actually making my sandwich to get all the toppings on it (and while, I do put a lot of toppings on, that is ridiculous), as she kept staring off into space for extended periods of time, forcing me to repeat each item several times. Ok, so that part wasn’t good, but a different girl was working the register, and she appeared no less zonked. She didn’t say much, but favored me with a freakishly wide-eyed unflinching stare. Ok, still not good. Creepy in fact. No, the good didn’t come until after I payed, whereupon I was handed a ream of stamps (it ended up being 17, entitling me to two “free” 6″ sandwiches). My friend only got 13. Stoners like me more.

To detractors of Michael Moore’s latest documentary, here are the sources he uses.

Has anyone heard about the documents concerning Bush’s military detail in Alabama? You know, the ones that are missing? Well, it seems that the story hasn’t been getting all that much press for some reason or another, and it seems like it should. Bush is our president, and as such, it wouldn’t seem outrageous that his military record would be something we should know about, at least not to me. Yet there is a gap in what we know. In question are payroll documents that detail a 3 month period in 1972-3, where there are suspicions that Bush was AWOL. It probably wouldn’t be an issue except his fellow Air National Guardsmen don’t remember seeing Bush there at all. Bush also lost his ability to fly for a part of this time because he skipped his flight physical. Perticularly curious about this is that Bush’s good friend James Bath was grounded at the same time, which leads some to draw the conclusion that they probably had a drug or alcohol binge, and hence refused to take their physicals. Also, there are also several ways Bush could resolve this issue if he so desired: he could release his W-2s for the time or he could have the master microfiche from the Air Reserve Personnel Center in Denver released, which details whether he received the minimum number of active-duty points for days served. He refuses to do either of these things… Suspicious? I’d say so.

I’m feeling biblical, so heres a bible quote:
“There she lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of a donkey and whose emissions was like those of horses” - Ezekiel 23:20

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July 07, 2004

Your daily dose of dialectic

I have returned from the isle of beaver. Its always nice to get out of the local setting and traipse around in the woods for awhile. It really clears the head.

While on the small island, which has a year-round population of 450, I happened upon someone who recognized me. The man, named Tristen, I have randomly ran into in South Haven, Spain, East Lansing, and somewhere else I can’t readily remember. And now Beaver Island. I’m not entirely sure how we happen to be in the same places at the same times, but its starting to get strange.

I’ve nearly finished Insomnia by Stephen King. In and of itself, its been a wonderful book thus far. As a huge fan of the Dark Tower Series of books, I was perticularly fascinated by how Insomnia ties into the massively epic storyline King has made. Too bad to fully understand the story, you have to read 19 different stories, a meaningful number in King’s works.

Despite the new threat to Bush, he keeps on pumping out his horrible legislation and lies (free registration required). One thing is certain, whoever ends up being the 44th president will have his/her work cut out for him/her just undoing the wrongs Bush has done.

Finally, I’ve given out all the GMail invites I had. They go quick. If I have any I can give away, I’ll say so.

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July 01, 2004

Gmail Invitation

I happen to have some gmail invitations. If you can give me a valid reason I should give one to you, its yours.

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