June 30, 2004

Frustrated political ramblings

I haven’t gotten around to updating in awhile, so I suppose its time.

Friday, I went to Kalamazoo to watch Fahrenheit 9/11. Although there were 3 showtimes left for that day, only the 11:45 still had tickets for sale, after several hours at a local pool hall (god is pool fun) we were treated to about an hour of waiting just to get into the theater, as they were running way behind. It was very interesting to see the kinds of people waiting to get into the 11:45 showing of a movie like Fahrenheit 9/11. There were a surprising number of mohawks in the crowd to say the least.

The movie itself was terrific. A lot had changed since I saw it in April. (Warning, scene references and possible spoilers) Aside from the more polished feel, there was a considerable amount of new footage and less confusion. In perticular, the scene about people being harassed by the FBI under the patriot act used to have 3 stories woven together, instead of the 2 stories relatively seperate. While the former method was very confusing, I was surprised by the story he left out, as if I recall correctly, it was one of the most flagrant examples of a violation of the person’s rights. Apparantly Moore disagreed. A lot more was done to help the viewer make the connection between Bush’s relationship with the Saudis and his administrative decisions. It makes it much easier to realize how corrupt our current administration seems to be. There was more footage from Iraq, and it was more disturbing than I imagined it could be. It really makes me pity what our soldiers go through. I can’t even imagine trying to cope with what they deal with. Perticularly disturbing was the letter from the son in Iraq who had been killed saying how angry he had been to be there fighting a war he did not believe in. To be put through such hardships for something you don’t believe in is something I would not wish on my worst enemies. Finally, in the cut I saw in April, the song that closes the movie was “Won’t Get Fooled Again” by The Who. Moore asked us if we thought it was a bit too cliche and if we thought it undermined his argument by being such, and we, being a whole room full of staunch liberals, said no. Its too bad he didn’t leave it. I for one thought it summed up my feelings towards the administration nicely… not that I was really fooled in the first place.

The Reagan comic I posted June 17th has apparantly become quite popular. After being linked off a couple livejournals, its generated several hundred hits. It doesn’t bother me, as I never get near my bandwidth allotment anyways, but it is interesting.

Today was the original day Iraq was to be granted Sovereignty. Of course, in what may have been one of the best decisions made in the war in Iraq, this actually happened two days ago. What I found most telling about this wasn’t that it was necessary to be deceptive about the date to stop organized terrorist attacks, but that Paul Bremer, the man who had been in charge of Iraq before the handover, immediately got the hell out of the country after formerly signing off to the interim government. Who can blame him though? I’d have done the same thing. Iraq isn’t exactly the best place to be right now. Just don’t tell Cheney that, or he’ll tell you to go fuck yourself. One of Cheney’s representatives later labeled this a "frank exchange of view." Frank exchange of views? Well, at least that gives us some insight into some other frank exchanges our administration have had. What a friendly group of guys.

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Collapse Comment by Krimo
2012-10-26 23:38:50

He’s following oderrs. He should have a conscience. Does he have one or is he just schizophrenic?I guess its all cheap momentary talk.He was already advisor of Ray-Gun in the 80s+should we forget the embarrassing Iran-Contra affair 1985-1987?Ooops,suddenly Reagan knew nothing anymore.Scapegoat Oliver North in a book after Reaganb4s death: He knew everything by frequent briefings+agreed with almost everything,enthusiasticly. Transfer of arms to Iran+support of Saddam,ouch.

Collapse Comment by mdanldibb
2012-10-27 22:08:31

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2012-10-28 21:57:49

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