June 21, 2004

Here comes trouble..

The supreme court has ruled in Hiibel v. Sixth Judicial District Court of the state of Nevada, and the news is anything but good. The case centered around an old Cowboy in Nevada who refused to show ID or give his name when confronted by a cop while parked on the side of a highway.

Hiibel had been in an argument with his teenage daughter, who was driving. His daughter god angry and hit him. Hiibel asked her to stop and let him out, which she did. He was standing next to the driver’s side window talking to her when a cop pulled up behind them and confronted Hiibel. Someone had apparantly seen Hiibel’s daughter strike him, and had told the police they saw a man strike a woman in a truck. Instead of telling Hiibel this, the officer repeatedly asked for ID. Hiibel asked what he was being charged with, as he assumed they were simply not far enough off the road. The officer refused to tell Hiibel what he was doing wrong, but instead continued to badger him to produce ID. Hiibel, still annoyed from his argument with his daughter, continued to refuse. After backup arrived, Hiibel was arrested, while cops held the door to his truck closed when his daughter tried to come to his aid. When she finally got out, officers pinned her to the ground. When this case first began, I happened to see the video of this transaction from the videocamera in the policeman’s cruiser. It seemed evident to me that Hiibel was doing nothing wrong, as the officer should have produced some sort of reason or evidence for questioning him.

I’m fairly certain that no good will come from this ruling. We are losing our rights, and there are entirely too few objections.

“A society that will trade a little liberty for a little order will lose both, and deserve neither” - Thomas Jefferson

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Collapse Comment by Maryellen
2011-09-21 16:57:31

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2011-09-22 11:11:07

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Collapse Comment by loqexxw
2011-09-25 11:05:56

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Collapse Comment by Zara
2012-10-25 18:11:13

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Collapse Comment by xdwrwk
2012-10-28 00:44:49

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Collapse Comment by Rami
2015-01-20 07:09:22

… இட ஒத க க ட , சல க கள ,, ம ன யங கள -ஆக யவ கள எல ல ம ம கவ ம sensitive ஆன வ ஷயங கள !இத ல , இள ஞர கள , நட த தர வய த னர , ம த யவர கள , பயன ளர கள ,பயன ப ற ம ட ய தவர கள , ப த க கப பட டவர கள என ற பலர க க ம பலவ தம ன கர த த க கள உண ட !ஒத த கர த த என பத ச த த யம ல ல வல ப ப த வ கள ல இவறற எழ த வத அல லத ப ன ன ட டங கள ம லம கவ நம கர த த ச ச ல வத எந தவ தம ன பயன ய ம , நல வ ள வ ய ம க ட க க த என பத த ன என ன ட ய த ழ ம ய ன கர த த !ச யல பட வ ண ட யவர கள , ச யல பட த தவ ண ட யவர கள , மத த ய,மற ற ம ம ந ல அரச ல த ன இர க க ற ர கள .ஆகவ உங கள ட ய இந தப பத வ ற க என ன ட ய பத ல -”உள ள ன ஐய !” //ச ப ப ய ய ஐய ,உங கள கர த த க கள க க ம தற கண நன ற . பயனள க க றத ? இல ல ய ? என ற ப ர ம ப ல ர ப ர பத இல ல . இத பற ற ய நமத கர த த க கள ச ச ல ல ம ப த ஊடகம க பயன பட க றத . ரகச ய ஓட ட ட ப ப ப ல பல வ ற தரப ப பட த தவர கள ன மனந ல ய அற ய ம ஊடகம . வல ப பத வ கள தற க லத த ல அன வர ன கவனத த ய ம ஈர த த வர வத க ச ய த கள வந த வண ணம இர க க றத .//ஆகவ உங கள ட ய இந தப பத வ ற க என ன ட ய பத ல -”உள ள ன ஐய !” //அட ட ன ஸ ! வ த த ய ர ம ணவர க க க ட ப பத ? நன ற !!!

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