June 02, 2004

Type, Shake, Repeat

In case instant messaging, mobile phones, letters, e-mail, VOIP, voice, SMS Messaging, or any of the other plethora of means of communication weren’t enough for you, you’re in luck! Nokia’s forthcoming 3220 phone lets you write short (12 characters) messages in mid-air by waving your phone back and forth. A bank of LEDs on the cover light up (as dictated by a motion sensor) revealing your message. It could be pretty interesting to see what people do with this…

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Collapse Comment by Sidney
2012-08-12 07:33:14

ma se non erro si era gie1 detto che il 3ds rende graficamente meilgo di WIi, in quanto gode di effetti di luce ecc. superiori. In ogni caso gie1 su Wii i titoli migliori graficamente sono pregevoli, tutto sta nello sfruttare lb4hw disponibile e su di uno schermo cosed piccolo sicuramente lb4impatto e9 migliore . Questo titolo non lb4ho avuto su PS2 quindi e9 nei miei most wanted senza dubbio, salvo che non venga inserito nella collezione in hd per xbox360 in uscita sempre in autunno!

Collapse Comment by kwmtzls
2012-08-12 21:42:44

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Collapse Comment by nkmoblkp
2012-08-14 03:40:39

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Collapse Comment by Nazmiye
2015-01-20 01:53:51

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2015-01-28 08:32:38

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2015-03-16 17:54:55

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2015-03-20 15:27:56

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Collapse Comment by car insurance
2015-04-16 10:01:28

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