June 01, 2004


What a weekend. It only rained every single day, the sun only appearing briefly on Monday. I wanted to get out and do the whole South Haven summer schtick on the first extended weekend since I came back from school. When will this weather end?

I was invited to Chris Woodham’s graduation party (on a side note, Chris is coming to U-Michigan, as well he should) on sunday, and despite the rain, it was pretty fun. As the Woodhams’ have been a staple of South Haven since around the dawn of time, everyone and their 2nd cousin seemed to make an appearance at the party. That was nice. I enjoyed sitting on the couch with a parade of familiar faces going by, with a plethora of similar conversations where we all stated how its been forever since we’d seen one another, and summed up what has happened to us in the last 2 years, which was often very little. The majority of the people I was very pleased to see, especially those who were from my class that have gone their seperate ways, and who I rarely, if ever, talk to anymore.

After the more casual party-goers had left, me and a few others bummed around the living room ’till near midnight. We had ourselves a pretty interesting conversation to boot, covering everything from the South Haven High School Experience (with plenty of interesting stories about Mr. Stap and Mrs. Mein/Feldt) to the best books to read, to how to spell pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis. Yes Virginia, there is a word that long.

I slept a bit longer than planned this morning. I made it in to work about an hour late. Granted, no one cares. The only effect is I don’t get payed for the hour I missed. Makes sense eh?

I set two alarms every morning. I turn off two alarms every morning. Somehow, thats not enough though. I guess I’ll start setting alarms on my TV and computer as well as my two other alarms. Four should do it right? It doesn’t matter tomorrow. Tomorrow I work from home. Mmmm.

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