May 11, 2004

I’ll elect the first politician that promises to end 2:45

Its amazing how a perfectly good day can be spoiled by the halt of all time passage at the insidious time of 2:45 pm. The considerable progress made earlier now seems distant. It couldn’t have possibly been done when time was moving this slowly. Not that I’m in a rush to get home. At home, driving around the 7 or so streets that actually count is often the most creative and exciting thing a group of educated people can think to do to get themselves out of the house and keep them from going stir crazy. Its still better than 2:45.

Evil evil 2:45.

How I hate thee.

Posted by MrWonton at 2:45 pm |

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Collapse Comment by Mariana
2012-02-12 08:16:34

Dang, Heathers. My aunt made me watch it in… 2000? as part of her aettmpt to educate me on how awesome the 80′s were.Dark teen comedy. Fun times.

Collapse Comment by drdcylky
2012-02-16 10:56:01

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